How to Find your CBS Code

With the new changes allowing Appraiser Access for Keyboxes, it is important CMLS agents know where to find the CBS codes for their listings.

When you lease a Keybox from CMLS, it contains a previously programmed 7-digit CBS code, also known as a Call Before Showing Code. Sometimes you need to know the code for another agent’s Keybox, and sometimes you need to know the code for your own Keybox.**

**Please note: If a Keybox is placed on the model home in a subdivision and one key fits all homes, make sure that all agents listing homes in this subdivision are aware of the CBS code for the Keybox on the model home.

How to Get the CBS for Another Agent’s Keybox

Have you tried to obtain a key from a box and received the error code of “Not Authroized?” This usually means there is a CBS code required to open the Keybox. Before you can enter your PIN to obtain the key from the box, you will need to enter the Keybox’s CBS code. For the CBS Code you must contact the listing agent. Supra, nor CMLS, can give you the CBS code for another agent’s box.

How to Get the CBS Code for your Keybox

  1. If you have an XpressKEY, you may find the CBS Code by logging into CMLS and clicking on the Supra Icon on the Dashboard. If this is your first time logging in to Supra, you will need your key number from the back of your XpressKEY and your 4 digit pin code. You will also Select your MLS which is SC-ConsolidatedMLS. Once in the site, click on “Listings” across the top (or “Keyboxes” on the left) and once you locate the box you need the CBS code for, click on the “gear” icon at the far right. You should see two tabs, one for listing details and one for Keybox settings. The tab for Keybox Settings will show your CBS Code.

  2. Call KimVoice (888-968-4032) and enter your key number and pin number and then choose Option 2. Provide the Serial Number of the Keybox and the Shackle Code and KimVoice will give you the 7-digit CBS code over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  3. If you have an eKEY, open the eKEY app and click on My Keyboxes. Find the Keybox serial number and click on it. Choose Program Keybox. The CBS code will then be viewable under Keybox settings.

For additional questions regarding this information, contact CMLS at 799-7167 or Support@ColumbiaMLS or you may contact Supra at 1-877-699-6787 or click on Supra in the Dashboard to log into your account.