General Membership Information





Those eligible for membership in CMLS shall consist of owners who are, or who employ:

(a)    Brokers-in-Charge licensed pursuant to Chapter 57 of Title 40 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.
(b)   Appraisers who are certified or licensed pursuant to Chapter 60 of Title 40 of the South Carolina Code of Laws.


  • A broker-in-charge/Appraiser license is required for membership in Consolidated Multiple Listing Service (CMLS).


  • An initiation fee must be submitted with the company application (check here for current pricing). 


  • All Members must maintain an office in accordance with State Law.


To apply for Membership you will need to submit the following:


  • The initiation fee



  • A copy of the Broker-in-Charge/Appraiser License


  • A Business License must be submitted (if required by town/city/county)​


  • Proof of E&O insurance*


Prior to being granted access to the CMLS system for the purpose of information entry, an agent/representative or individual Members must attend and complete an introductory class on the use of the CMLS system and an orientation with a CMLS staff member (who is not a CMLS Member). New Members who previously worked as an agent/representative under another CMLS Member and had training in and access to the CMLS system need not repeat the introductory class and orientation. The agent/representative or individual Member will also be excused from the introductory class if he or she demonstrates familiarity with the MLS software used by CMLS, through membership in another MLS that uses the same software. Written notice must be provided by other MLS notating the system used.. In such case, the agent/representative or individual Member may receive the orientation by phone. CMLS shall provide introductory classes/orientation no less frequently than once every two weeks, if needed.


*If a Member does not have or maintain at least $500,000 in Errors and Omissions insurance, it shall disclose that fact on each document required to be executed in the course of creating a listing. The Member shall also disclose that fact on the Listing Input Sheet and CMLS will include the following statement on any publication of that listing: “The Listing Company for this property does not maintain Errors and Omissions insurance.”

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